PMS ASESORES REGISTRADOS, has been founded by a group of professionals with more than 1500 years of accumulated experience in investment banking, capital markets and strategic consulting, both nationally and internationally.

Its goal is to help companies accessing the stock markets, specifically the Spanish BME Growth (former MAB) and EURONEXT.

For this purpose, we are authorised to act as Asesores Registrados (Listing Sponsors) of BME Growth and Euronext in the Access, Access +, and Growth segments (for the Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Dublin and now, Oslo markets).


What is an Asesor Registrado or Listing Sponsor?

In order to be listed in the stock markets, it is necessary to comply correctly with the legal and information obligations towards both the governing body and the investors.

An Asesor Registrado or a Listing Sponsor is the link between the stock markets and the companies that wish to be listed or which are already listed.

Responsibilities of an Asesor Registrado
or Listing Sponsor

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    Manage and coordinate a team of professionals made up of legal, financial, and tax advisors, auditors, real estate advisors (for SOCIMI), corporate communication as well as a liquidity provider.
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    Prepare the Information Document for Admission to BME Growth (DIIM) and EURONEXT.
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    To issue an opinion on the documentation provided by the candidate.
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    Maintain a constant and continuous relationship with the regulator, being the authorized intermediary between the regulator and the companies, ensuring the transparency of the process and information at all times for investors.

PMS Services

Advise on the fulfillment of obligations towards the regulator and investors



Business model
Legal and financial due diligence
Financial auditing
Business plan
Statement on working capital
Organization structure
Internal control system


Development of the Information Document for Admission to BME Growth (DIIM) and EURONEXT


Publication in BME Growth/EURONEXT daily bulletin
Admission, book entry and registry
“Ring the bell” event


Advice and monitoring of the information provided by the company to BME Growth and EURONEXT.
Analysis of relevant facts and potential non-compliance


Legal advisor
Financial advisor
Tax advisor
Real Estate advisor*
Liquidity provider
Institutional communication

Why listing in BME Growth or Euronext?

The advantages are well known: it gives notoriety to the company as well as access to a new source of financing. It is a quick way to support the development of your activities. But it also offers many other advantages such as:

  • Provides liquidity to shareholders
  • Obtains an objective and permanent assessment of the company
  • Promotes the professionalization of small business management and operations
  • Improves the risk profile of the company.
  • Incentive for the management team.
  • SOCIMI are obliged to be listed on an Organised Market or a Multilateral Trading System such as Euronext or MAB (Art. 4 of Law 11/2009, of 26th October).
  • Access to new sources of financing in order to carry out expansion projects for companies with attractive business plans
  • Internationalization of the company’s sources of financing
  • Improves the perception of the company in order to attract institutional investors and funds
  • Broadcast and brand advertising, that have an impact on results
  • Increases visibility and transmits soundness to the market
  • They are “learning platforms” for a further jump to be listed in larger markets.

Who can be listed in BME Growth or Euronext?

Growth SMEs

Start-ups with a high technological base

Business cases of companies listed on BME Growth and EURONEXT

If your company is in a similar situation, PMS can help you.

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Where do we operate?

Multilateral trading system managed by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and supervised by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV).

Europe’s first integrated trading market for stocks, bonds and derivatives




We have an international approach, both in the location of our clients, as well as in their entry into the markets and in the relationship with their investors.


We guarantee you a dedicated cross-functional team


We work in order to achieve your business goals


We adapt our resources and operations to your objectives and needs


We are committed with the success of your company.


PMS is a group of first-class professionals, with consolidated trajectories in the financial sector, investment banking and strategic consulting, both nationally and internationally.

At PMS we are your meeting point with the stock markets.